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It’s been awfully quiet around here hasn’t it? Truth is I haven’t had the urge to play or be active on tumblr much as of late and have been pouring more energy and free time into my first love; art. But none of that matters anywho!

This little announcement is just to say that muupihearts is…

'Cause I can't be bothered to basically type the same thing twice.

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fcc56 asked:
Hi - About your "updated paintings" post: The secrets to good recolors using Photo Studio are (1) re-size your image to the template size in advance so SimPE doesn't do the reduction; (2) don't use source images smaller than the template size; (3) always use the "High Quality (RAW 24)" quality setting. The Nvidia DDS Tools will give poor results. Similarly, when recoloring using Object Workshop, choose the "Raw 32Bit" or "Raw 24Bit" format, because the DXT formats give an inferior result.

Hi! Thanks for the tip! I hope you don’t mind me publishing this as I think it might be useful for others :) I’ll def keep this in mind the next time I make paintings! <3…

Ohmygosh, I had no idea this existed!! Thank you poppet (and simplicitysims for pming me the same link!) I was about to go cry about having to fiddle with my theme /hatesfiddlingwiththemes.

Okay, so I accidentally deleted my theme.


It’s fixed now huehue

I was tagged by alienpod, voleste and euphoriasims forever ago! Thank you! (also thank you to other people who have tagged me for other memes that I havent done <3)

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when you just wanna slap the stupid out of somebody

Erlich Smack

satureja13 replied to your photo “To celebrate getting simpe to bow down to my will, I went on etsy and…”

oh how cute! thank you <3

you’re very welcome! :)

notdis-sim-ilar answered to your post “Mod/hack for pet breeding?”

I haven;t heard of one, but if you find anything would you post a link on your tumblr? I would love such a mod!

Of course! As soon as I find something (if I do) I’ll be sure to post it :)

teekalo answered to your post “Mod/hack for pet breeding?”

Now that’d be nice

Yessss it would wouldn’t it? *keeping fingers crossed I find one*

Yes I’m lame and post small offerings. This was part of a larger upload (of both cats and dogs by the same artist, the dogs have around 40 prints) BUT the simlish-ifying is a bit more fiddly then others I’ve made so have just the cats first ;p

Ideally I would have liked to have removed the writing altogether, but my attempts looked horribly messy so simlish it is. See swatch here.

Download here. Swatch is included.

Credits; etsy, johnwgolden

To celebrate getting simpe to bow down to my will, I went on etsy and found these :) There’s 19 of them, swatch here, they’re on the Bon Voyage Travel poster because I have so many add-ons for that mesh ♥

Download here. Swatch is included.

Credits; etsy, johnwgolden.

Updated paintings, ‘cause blur.

Object Workshop has never really worked for me so I’ve always used Photo Studio to make painting recolors, but today I finally got OW to work for me (thanks to voleste!) and I can finally say BYE to blur! (well, to a certain degree of course)

So as well as making new stuff, I redid a couple of the recent paintings I’ve made that had that blur issue when zooming out. These joey chou prints and these etsy ones.



I reuploaded them on the original posts, but here’s the dload link anyway to anyone interested.

Download bettererer muupi paintings [obviously delete the old files]

Also super excited about finally being able to learn how to recolor objects ksjdhfskjhfakjhaska ♥

Mod/hack for pet breeding?

Sorry does anyone know of a mod or something to control exactly how many kittens or puppies a pet can have? I haven’t bred pets in forever because I hated trying to find homes for 4 or 5 kittens and have everyone in my hood have the same looking cats. I’d like a sim of mine to breed pets in my bacc, but I’d like the pets to only have 1 or 2 per litter maximum. Anyone know of something for this?

xxackirexx asked:
Will you pretty pretty please upload all your hair defaults in one big folder? :D

Sure thing :) 22 Hair Defaults. Uncompressorized.

Anonymous asked:
What rules are you using for your bacc?

Hi! I’m using this ruleset. I’m not super strict on myself though and often find ways around the restrictions ;D As long as it makes sense to me and isn’t really cheaty, then I’m good.

I’m sorry I’ve been kinda inconsistent lately with posting; I’ve been busy with freelance crap (it never endsss but hey money) so the time I have been in game I haven’t been taking pictures. I should be finished after the weekend though so I’ll try and get back to posting properly then :p

I’m really having a lot of fun with my bacc hood though I still love Ferngully Glade, I need to figure out how to go about updates because trying to edit them all down and make it look like it runs cohesive is kinda sucking the fun out of it (plus I’m only playing like a day or two each house to try and avoid having giant updates so its really slow progression) sooooo we shall see.

tl;dr - I’ll have gameplay stuffs up next week :)

raerori replied to your photoset “The kiddos from the bacc hood so far. I don’t remember their names >_>”


The top one is Ginnys (I forgot to set her dna values in simpe so she still has human genetics) and the bottom one is Lizbett with my faerie founder :p